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Almont DDA Board Vacancy



The Almont Downtown Development Authority is seeking interested candidates to fill one vacancy as Chairperson on the DDA Board of Directors.  This position is a four year term. The chairperson shall be the chief executive and preside at all meetings of the Board.  He/She shall sign all contracts or legal documents authorized by the Board of Directors, call special meetings pursuant to these By-Laws and shall perform such other duties as assigned to him or her by the Board.  The DDA meets on the 4th Wednesday of every month at 7 p.m.  The DDA is responsible for overseeing projects, activities and economic revitalization efforts in the downtown district.  All candidates should submit a letter of interest to Kim Schall, Director, Almont DDA, 817 N. Main Street, Almont, MI  48003 by March 14, 2018.


For questions and more information regarding this position, please call (810) 798-8125 or click on the following links:




Almont Downtown Development Authority
Board of Directors
Terry Roach -  Chairperson
Lynn Zarate- Vice Chairperson
Steve Schneider - Secretary
Tara Antonelli - Treasurer
Mike Bohm
Michele Breen
Tammy Pepper
Johanna Nuculovic
Melissa Schneider
The DDA is governed by a ten member Board of Directors.  The Board members represent people with a vested interest in the success and development of a vibrant downtown.  Representing a cross section of our community, they include business and property owners as well as residents of the community.  The Village Council President serves on the DDA Board of Directors.  Board members are appointed by the Almont Village Council President with the approval of the Council  and serve four year terms.   

Almont DDA Staff

Kimberly A. Schall
The Almont DDA employs a Director, Kim Schall, who serves as the part-time administrator of the authority.  The Director serves at the discretion of the Almont DDA Board.  The Director is responsible for planning, organizing, directing, and coodinating all DDA sponsored activities and events within the DDA district.  The Director also serves as a liasion between the DDA and local merchants and service organizaions.  They are responsible for promoting economic development within the DDA district, preparing budgets and grant writing.   

Village of Almont Downtown Development Authority By-Laws

Click here to view/download DDA By-Laws

Village of Almont Downtown Development Authority Ordinance No. 139

Click here to view/download Ordinance No. 139

Village of Almont Downtown Development Authority Ordinance No. 139.5

Click here to view/download Ordinance No. 139.5
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