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The Almont DDA was formally established by the Almont Village Council on November 7, 1984 with the adoption of Ordinance Number 139.  This ordinance established the district boundaries and established a 20 year life for the DDA.  Amended in 1992 and again in 1998, the revised plan extended the life of the DDA to 2034 or until all debts are retired.  The purpose of the Development Plan, as written by the DDA of the Village of Almont, is to prevent deterioration within the business district; to promote economic growth; to encourage historic preservation; and to establish identity for the Village of Almont.
In addition to the public improvement plan proposed to be financed with public funds under the direction of the DDA, the overall plan includes as a goal the establishment of private development through private investment in cooperation with the DDA and the Village.  These improvments include the following:
  • Improvement, renovation and development of exteriors of commercial buildings through loans and grants.
  • Encourage the renovation of rear facades and develop rear entrances convenient to public parking areas.
  • Maintain the historic character of existing structures and encourage new development to conform to the historic identity of the district.
  • Development of the property zoned for industrial/commercial use within the district.
  • Improvements of infrastructure within the district including water, sewer, sidewalks and paving.
  • Construction and improvement of parking lots within the district.
  • Commission marketing studies and market the district through staging promotional events.
  • Maintain landscaping decorative lighting, holiday decorations, benches, and park areas.
  • Encourage the establishment and development of residential complexes within the authority.
  • Promote energy conservation and improve heating facilities by offering financial incentives to energy-saving incentives.


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