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Village of Almont - We're Growing in the Right Direction!


The Village of Almont and Almont DDA have been recognized for their work in fostering entrepreneurial growth and economic development in the annual eCities study conducted by researchers at iLabs, University of       Michigan-Dearborn’s Center for Innovation Research.  Almont was honored as a four star community along with 51 other communities across the state and was the ONLY Village in Michigan so recognized. The eCities research surveyed 102 communities from 37 counties in Michigan that are home to 36 percent of Michigan residents and 40 percent of its college graduates.

 Through the efforts of the DDA and Village in offering value-added business services and place-making efforts,  Almont is positioned as a great place to locate and grow your business.  Couple this with the quality of life benefits of living in this close-knit rural community and you can see why one of the eCities review board members commented that, “ I want to move to Almont!” after granting a perfect score. Succeeding and thriving as a community requires the careful coordination and orchestration of services and partnerships between all levels of government, members of the community, local business owners, and those stakeholders whose futures are invested in the Almont community and its success.  The Village is fortunate to have such partnerships and coordination, which is reflected in the words of one reviewer who stated ‘They recognize the importance of response time and customer service. Doing business and getting things done promptly make the Village easy to work with.”


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